How long will my wall take to dry after rising damp? 

Rising damp affected walls can take up to 6 months to dry out for a 150mm thick wall and will even take longer for thicker walls. The general rule is that it will take one month for each 25mm thickness of the wall to dry after the rising damp has been stopped.

Can you damp-proof from inside? 

Damp Proof Membranes can be applied internally with little or no surface preparation. However, it is very important to install the membrane correctly to prevent expensive water ingress in the future.

What happens if rising damp remains untreated? 

If left untreated, rising damp can cause extreme damage to the structure of your property. Rising damp can destroy decoration, plaster and can cause rot to the timber within your home.

Is rising damp expensive to repair?

Rising damp is probably the most expensive form of damp to cure. However, considering its severity, it is a job you need to get done properly. The first step is a professional diagnosis to rule out other forms of damp and make sure you do need to install a new damp proof course (DPC).

Is rising damp covered by my home insurance policy? 

Most buildings and contents home insurance policies will not cover you for damage caused by damp and condensation. Some insurers offer specific cover for rising damp, but generally, it’s better to carry out regular maintenance on your home to lower the likelihood of damp causing extensive (and expensive) damage.