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Nobody wants the continued worry of a wall, floor or ceiling’s ability to withstand Damp Proofing Inanda. Being assured of the fact that your surfaces are damp-free, possibly warrantied for many years and will keep your property dry and warm inside, presents a wonderful peace-of-mind, Damp Proofing in Inanda will help.

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Damp Proofing Inanda  either as a treatment or application during construction is a type of moisture control applied to building walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces.

Damp proofing a foundation wall is a process that involves using a mixture on the outside surface of foundation walls. Damp Proofing Inanda can be made from a number of materials of varying rigidity. Some examples are butyl rubber, hot bitumen, plastic sheets, sheets of lead, slate or mortar with waterproofing compounds.

The oldest material used for a DPC is slate, but any water resistant and durable materials can be used.

The goal of damp proofing contractor Inanda  is to prevent moisture from passing through the concrete walls into the interior space of your home, basement or crawl space.

There is a distinct difference between dampproofing and waterproofing. Damp Proofing Inanda is intended to keep out soil moisture while waterproofing keeps out both moisture and liquid water.Most modern homes have a damp-proof coating, which was installed to meet local building code requirements as the home was being constructed.However, these coatings will often fail several years after the home has been constructed.

Cladding is a beautiful way to enhance and protect your ceiling by means of installing separate damp-proof ceiling panels and this application is very quick to install and easy to look after. Especially in wet rooms, PVC panels are an excellent alternative to decorating your ceilings and making them waterproof. They are an ideal option for ceilings in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and all other indoor rooms.

Most of a building’s problems can be traced to moisture. It causes wood to decay, concrete to crack, fungus to grow, metals to corrode, pipes to burst (from the cycle of freezing and thawing), and it damages and discolours interior finishes. Understand moisture and you can prevent damp occurring.

Damp proofing Inanda

The most common type of Damp Proofing Inanda found in buildings is condensation. The causes include cooking, breathing, sweating, bathing, washing clothes and drying them inside the home. Warm air containing moisture from these activities hits something cool, like a wall or window, and because cold air holds less water than warmed air, droplets form.

To eliminate condensation, moisture production needs to be reduced. This can be as simple as opening a window; usually,the air outdoors has a lower humidity level than the air indoors.

With rising damp Inanda, the problem comes from below ground, often with masonry acting like a wick to which the moisture can adhere and enter the building. The most common way to prevent rising damp is with a damp proof course (DPC).

When talking about rain penetration in buildings, it refers to the above ground admission of rainwater via some point or points in the structure’s envelope, generally as the result of gravity, wind pressure or capillary action. The best way to address penetrating rain is to eliminate the cause here at Damp Proofing Inanda.


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