Pilgrims of ANiSA in South Africa

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ANiSA Affiliates

ANiSA Affiliates are churches and organizations that ascribe to ANiSA's vision of exploring, embracing, and embodying a radical lifestyle centered around God’s reconciling vision for the world and drawing on the collective wisdom found within the Anabaptist movement in seeking to walk with, support, and grow communities of peace, justice, and reconciliation within South Africa.

Anabaptist Organisations

Several international Anabaptist organizations are active in South Africa. They are engaged in ministries of teaching, development, justice and relief to strengthen the witness and effectiveness of South African churches. These organizations also provide support to ANiSA.

Personal Stories of Anabaptists

Many South Africans have encountered Anabaptism through personal relationships, reading or study. Read the stories below to learn how these experiences and ideas have affected their faith and life.

Living for the Lord; addressing peace and injustices in the world
One of the things that excites me about being part of ANiSA is that we can create spaces for dialogue engaging issues that affect us every day and finding ways of making the Bible practical in our daily lives. It is important for us to walk together so that peace, development, dialogues and simple living as Christ would expect can be sustained.
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