Mennonite Brothers Church (MBC)

Physical Address
23 Winder Street
Wanstead Building
South Beach
South Africa
Postal Address
PO Box 4743
About the Congregation
Worship Services: 

Sunday: 09h30-11h30 Worship Service and Sunday School


From Monday to Friday: 6h00-6h30 morning devotion.

  • Monday: 18h00-20h00   youth meeting(Bible studies)
  • Tuesday: 10h00-12h00   mothers meeting
  • Wednesday: 18h30-20h30 service
  • Thursday: 17h00-19h00 mothers charity works
  • Friday: 17h00-20h00 Pastor’s reception/prayer for the church and sickness and problems.
  • Saturday: 19h00-20h00 meeting of elders with the pastor for Sunday service
        -18h00-20h00 band practice

At night the pastor calls the members for prayer intention


Ps. Ekien Nsulunka
A message from the pastor.


Our mission is to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord in all South African communities through engaging in fostering fraternity and unity until the second coming of Jesus or else propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and promote the fundamental principles of Anabaptist Mennonites doctrines as taught in the word of God and specified by Jesus Christ.
Promote freedom and peace in South Africa in particular and in the world in general.
Associate and gather its members without racial, ethnic, and linguistic discrimination.
Keep fraternal communion between members until the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Promote elaboration of laws that guarantee peace and order in the communities.
Promote the social development in communities and education.
NB: our target (refugees speaking French).


Our vision is to plant the holistic churches; it means the churches that transform the communities.
MBC shall be non-profit association of organization in collaboration with Breakthru Church International in South Africa, in the province of Kwazulunatal, Durban.
MBC may affiliate to any organization having the same objectives and vision by decision of its members in a general assembly

Statement of Faith (in French)

Nous croyons en Dieu le Père Tout-Puissant, Créateur du ciel et de la terre.
Nous croyons en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur qui a été conçu du Saint-Esprit et qui est ne de la Vierge Marie, il a souffert sous Ponce-Pilate, il a été crucifie il est mort, il a été enseveli. Il est descendu aux enfers.
Le troisième jour il est ressuscité des morts
IL est monte au ciel, il siège a la droite de Dieu le Père Tout-Puissant.
IL viendra de la pour juger les vivants et les morts.
Nous croyons à l’Esprit Saint.
Nous croyons à la saint Eglise Universelle, la communion des saints, la rémission du pèche, la résurrection de la chair et la vie éternelle. Amen