Collection Development Policy for ANiSA

Our purpose is to foster peace loving people, communities, families and churches by providing up-to-date, relevant, quality Christian resources from an Anabaptist perspective to persons, families, pastors, and leaders. The purpose of the ANiSA Peace Library & Resource Centre is to foster faith and communicate an Anabaptist perspective in South Africa to all who are interested.

The library will provide quality service and information in a variety of relevant formats that meets the informational and literacy needs of the user community. The library will listen to and try its best to respond to the specific needs of the user community.

Selection of Materials

The ANiSA Peace Library & Resource Centre will:

  • Provide a broad range of materials rooted in and influenced by an Anabaptist perspective.
  • Provide up to date, relevant, and reliable information and resources.
  • Seek to reflect the user community in the books and resources provided.
  • Provide access to other resources through the website, mail and other means as necessary.

ANiSA Peace Library & Resource Centre materials will be selected based upon their:

  • Quality and relevance
  • Appropriate reflection of the literacy levels of the user community
  • Accuracy of information
  • Demand by the user community
  • Cost and availability
  • Theological relevance to Anabaptism and the South African context

Collection Maintenance

Due to special limitations, the ANiSA Peace Library & Resource Centre collection will need to be weeded in order to create room for new acquisitions. The weeding will be based on:

  • Frequency of circulation
  • Physical condition of the item
  • Relevancy to the collection and current developments in the field
  • Availability of books should they need to be replaced
  • Relevancy to the user community’s needs


The ANiSA Peace Library & Resource Centre accepts donations of books and resource materials. The materials donated will be assessed according to our collection development selection criteria and incorporated into the collection based on their relevancy. Any donated books or materials that do not fit the ANiSA Resource Centre’s selection criteria will be donated to local seminary libraries, or made available for purchase through ANiSA’s used books for sale section. Proceeds from these sales will be used for further collection development and acquisitions. Inquiries about donations can be made by Asking a Librarian.