A Peaceful Perspective... January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012, Volume 3, Number 1 Online at http://anisa.org.za/

Anabaptism is a biblical, Christian-faith movement that embraces the life, teachings, and witness of Jesus Christ and strives to embody these as normative in the everyday Christian walk.

Column: In Him was Life

There has been a raging controversy in the letters column of the Cape Times over the past few weeks about science and religion. You can be sure that this hoary debate will resurface several times a year in the newspapers, and that the same old arguments will recur on both sides. The endless repetition of clichés is tiresome but the heated discussion demonstrates a passionate interest in either denying or defending the existence of God. A comment in one of the letters struck me as a worthy introduction to this meditation. It was to the effect that religion detracts from living life to the full; it is life-denying. This is a very old criticism of Christianity. No one put it more strongly than the nineteenth century son of a Lutheran pastor who became an atheist, Karl-Friedrich Nietzsche. The Christian understanding of God he wrote was “a declaration of hostility towards life, nature, the will to life.” Undoubtedly much religion and some kinds of Christianity seem to be life-denying, especially as Nietzsche experienced it in his life time. But as a general critique it is a caricature. This brings me back to the text which, some of you may recall, is the one with which I ended my meditation last Thursday about the Wisemen who followed the star to Bethlehem. The words are from the prologue to John’s gospel “What has come into being was life, and that life was the light of all people” (John 1:1-9). more >>
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