A Peaceful Perspective... October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011, Volume 3, Number 25 Online at http://anisa.org.za/

Anabaptism is a biblical, Christian-faith movement that embraces the life, teachings, and witness of Jesus Christ and strives to embody these as normative in the everyday Christian walk.

Lead across divisions

You come into leadership at a difficult time in our country's history. You have seen the wanton violence of youth as they destroyed the inner-city of Johannesburg around Luthuli House. You have heard a resurgent racial rhetoric in our country that once again threatens to divide us. You have felt the rage of the poor and unemployed who feel they are not being heard by their local authorities. Yet you come to lead on a campus that all who pass through it experience as a place of renewal and a project of hope. You have witnessed the once bitter divisions in the residences being overcome through the leadership of students. You were part of the celebrations when the UFS held its first truly non-racial elections in 2011, when black students voted for a white man and white students for a black woman. We have not arrived. Much remains to be done. more >>
Source: ANiSA News