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July 12, 2010, Volume 3, Number 20 Online at http://anisa.org.za/

Anabaptism is a biblical, Christian-faith movement that embraces the life, teachings, and witness of Jesus Christ and strives to embody these as normative in the everyday Christian walk.

Column: Christian Unity

Over the last year I have been privileged to preside at the Eucharist at St. Peter’s Anglican Church here in Hermanus on several occasions during their interregnum. As I look back to earlier times in my ministry, it would have been unthinkable that a non-Anglican like myself would have been able to take communion in an Anglican church let alone celebrate Holy Communion with the approval of the bishop! Likewise, although we take it for granted now, sharing together as we do here at Volmoed around this altar or holy table week by week was equally unthinkable when I was first ordained. Such Eucharistic fellowship is but one of many signs of the achievements of what we call the ecumenical movement that has pioneered the cause of Christian unity during the past century. Yet we must confess that Christian unity, which is God’s gift to us, still remains a goal for which we strive rather than something already accepted and expressed in its fullness. So I was excited recently to be invited to participate in a large global conference on ecumenism to be held next year in Assisi, the Italian town made famous by St. Francis, the purpose of which is to help breathe new life into the ecumenical movement. Whether I go or not is not important; what is important is that Christians around the world recognize the need to continue responding to Jesus desire for his followers. So should we. more >>
Source: ANiSA News