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14 Dec
The words are so familiar that we don't give them a second thought. But this is how the Christmas story begins: "In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered." We don't know when this census took place, or its reason, but it was probably confined to Judaea for the purpose of taxation and control. King Herod had to raise taxes on behalf of Emperor Augustus in order to control a turbulent country regularly threatened by the uprisings of Jewish zealots. Herod was nervous and fearful. Any talk of a messianic leader sent shivers up his spine.
08 Sep
Since 2013 the Anabaptist Network in South Africa has hosted an annual theological conversation where Christians interested in exploring the ways of Jesus, activists, church leaders and theologians gather for three days of reflection and discernment. This conversation has become a place where a radical Christian faith has been explored for its implication for the church in South Africa. This year's theme will focus on what it means to embody the politics of Jesus.
05 Jun
What on earth is a "holy kiss?" Is it a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the lips, a sensual kiss, or a hesitant shy peck? Is it the "kiss of peace" which we share in worship each week, a hug of greeting or a handshake? Whatever its form, what makes it "holy"? In fact, what makes anything "holy" or "sacred"?
20 Jul
South Africa is a society obsessed with security. With a police force of 150000 officers, 1 for every 300 South Africans, and another 400000 security guards, more than the police and army combined, security is obviously seen as a priority. On the surface we try to make it seem as though we are concerned with crime rather than security. But there is something deeper taking place in our constant quest to be “safe and secure.” We can justify anything, from excessive state spending to our latent racism, by drawing on our rich repertoire of talk on safety and security.
(pic courtesy Diakonia)
17 Apr
Prophetic voices break open boundaries, create inclusivity; help the voiceless to find their voice and then place that voice within the very community that would have excluded them. This is according to Revd Lauren Matthew of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and youth representative to the World Methodist Council.
Dr Rosalee Velloso Ewell (pic courtesy WCC)
26 Mar
On 24 March, the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism pre-assembly event invoked renewed thinking and commitment on evangelism, disassociated from the forces of oppression, and grounded in humility and respect for all.
16 Mar
Some 300 church leaders from various parts worldwide will be gathering in Manila from 22 to 27 March for a pre-assembly of the World Council of Churches' (WCC) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism.
24 Sep
The Catholic Church in Southern Africa celebrates the granting of a licence to Radio Veritas. Since the Millennium Jubilee year 2000, Radio Veritas has been working untiringly for a radio broadcast license. This has finally come to fruition.
04 Sep
The leadership of both the National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF) and the National inter-faith Leadership Council (NILC) are pleased to announce that they have united to form one Body – the National Inter-Faith Council of South Africa (NIFC- SA).
Desmond Tutu (pic courtesy Timeslive)
19 Jul
Desmond Tutu has said that God calls us to be his partners in changing a "crazy" world of extreme economic inequality. The former archbishop made the remarks in the UK, while receiving an honourary doctorate from the University of Leicester on Friday (15 July).