Our philosophy about news

ANiSA seeks to provide comprehensive, religious news that is relevant to South Africans while also providing commentary, analysis, and reflection on current events, politics, public policies, research, and theological analysis from a Christian, Anabaptist perspective.

We also seek to provide news that demonstrate peace, justice, and reconciliation in the everyday. The news culture today is often unbalanced as the focus tends to be on stories and events that are violent and sensational. There tends to be a lack of coverage on stories, events, or issues that inspire hope, offer reconciliation, focus on justice, or provide perspectives that work towards peace.

Knowing that what we see and hear through the variety of news outlets shapes, either consciously or subconsciously, our thinking and imagination within the different contexts in which we live, ANiSA seeks to change this unbalance. We strive to shape our thinking and imagination towards peace, justice, hope, and reconciliation believing that they are realistic, attainable goals for South Africa. Furthermore, we believe that these are goals that the church ought to continue to strive towards.

The ANiSA News service and the ANiSA News Bulletin, ‘A Peaceful Perspective…,’ aim to be different. We work at being an encouraging yet prophetic voice for and on behalf of the church in South Africa. The ANiSA News service and ‘A Peaceful Perspective…’ News Bulletin aim to:

  • Provide an alternative voice about the social, political, and economic realities in the South African context
  • Provide articles that inspire hope
  • Provide articles where peace and social justice are being practiced and lived out
  • Provide opinion pieces that challenge and inspire the wider South African church to respond to the different social, political, and economic needs that are present within South Africa
  • Provide reflection on religion and culture within a South African context

ANiSA Associates are people with particular interests and expertise who periodically contribute to our work and who support the endeavor of engaging transformative theological perspectives with a thoughtful analysis of religion in public life from an Anabaptist perspective. ANiSA Associates are encouraged to write in an encouraging yet prophetic way, a way that speaks with hope while also challenging our readers. The views, therefore, of ANiSA Associates do not necessarily reflect the official views of ANiSA.

If you are interested in providing an article, opinion piece, would like more information on ANiSA’s news or news bulletin ‘A Peaceful Perspective…’ or would like to become an Associate contributor, please contact us.