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Bishop Rubin Phillip (pic courtesy Diakonia)
20 Apr
If Archbishop Denis Hurley were alive today, he would be disappointed with the dark cloud of greed and corruption that is hovering above the nation and growing darker each day, Bishop Rubin Phillip of the Anglican Diocese of Natal said this afternoon.
(pic courtesy WCC)
20 Mar
Following an announcement from Lambeth Palace, London, that Dr Rowan Williams will be stepping down from his position as Archbishop of Canterbury, the World Council of Churches (WCC) expressed admiration for the archbishop’s ongoing leadership and his significant contribution to the ecumenical movement spanned over several years.
Prof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)
29 Sep
As the professor stood before his first-year class at the end of his lecture on the fascinating question, "Did God really say?", he suddenly found himself unable to speak.
rof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)
14 Jul
This is by far the best book written and published in 2011, and I would be very surprised if it did not win the Alan Paton award for non-fiction in 2012.
Prof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)
09 Jun
It all started as a civil discussion on my Facebook page. The student posed a question about a problem on campus, and I answered him as gently as possible, careful not to overplay the professorial hand. He followed up with another question. I asked for clarity, probing his assumptions. All of this in an effort to raise the level of the dialogue I was beginning to enjoy with this bright young mind.
04 Apr
A top human rights activist has been arrested in Zimbabwe, in what Amnesty International deplored as an attempt to silence government critics. Abel Chikomo, director of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with failing to properly register his organisation, police said.
19 Mar
I have sat in audiences where I have listened to and interacted with Edward Said, Jurgen Habermas, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and a half-dozen Nobel Laureates in the sciences.
(pic courtesy MCC)
18 Mar
It was a reunion of friends when Sibusiso Ndzimandze, a peace educator from Swaziland, stayed in the home of Gord and Lynne Ball during a recent 10-day visit to Ontario. Around the kitchen table in Oakville, a city west of Toronto, the Balls reflected on their experiences as participants in a learning team from their congregation that visited southern Africa. During this trip in 2009, they met Ndzimandze, whom they now count a friend.
15 Mar
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has never shied away from speaking out against the inequalities, intolerance and human rights abuses he witnessed under apartheid. But he has been equally outspoken about the problems of post-apartheid South Africa.
Sonja Kruse (pic courtesy The Dispatch)
02 Nov
When a young woman left East London in a township taxi a year ago with R100 in her pocket and big dreams of seeing if ubuntu was alive and well in South Africa, most people thought she was mad.