Professor Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)  

Opinion: Wrong set of values

  3 July -   
Even as a fresh-faced BSc graduate, I needed three textbooks to prepare my biology lessons. One was given to me by the school, one was borrowed, and another I bought with the meagre salary of an unqualified (no teacher's certificate at the time) teacher.
(pic courtesy South Africa Good News)  

Thousands march in Khayelitsha for minimum norms and standards

  24 March -   
Yesterday over 2,000 learners joined Equal Education's (EE) Human Rights Day march for minimum norms and standards for school infrastructure. The march was the culmination of 10 Days of Action that had occurred in schools across the country, following the announcement that EE has launched a court case against the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga

Churches need to accommodate disabled persons, African scholars say

  5 March -   
Scholars from theological institutions in East Africa are challenging Bible publishers, distributors and translators to produce more texts in Braille, sign language and audio, in measures being proposed to improve training and integration of disabled persons. 


Catholic Bishops express deep concern at the current education problems in the Eastern Cape Province

  1 February -   
Children are the hope and future of the nation. Consequently, the Southern African Catholic Bishops, express their deep concern about the current crisis effecting schools in the Eastern Cape Province. Access to education is a matter of simple justice for each child - and it is incumbent on Government to provide it without fail.
Prof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)  

Lead across divisions

  18 September -   
You come into leadership at a difficult time in our country's history. You have seen the wanton violence of youth as they destroyed the inner-city of Johannesburg around Luthuli House.

Unionless and united to learn

  11 August -   
The road trip into rural Umkomaas is deceptively beautiful. You drive along a winding road surrounded by green hills looking down on the spectacular ocean below. This is the land that Alan Paton wrote about.
Prof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)  

Let's read for our kids' sake

  7 July -   
The year is 2044. The government of the day establishes a commission of pro-regime so-called "experts" who for some reason believe that they can literally plan the country out of trouble.
Prof. Jonathan Jansen (pic courtesy Timeslive)  

Triumph of the human spirit

  23 June -   
The wrinkled old man addressing the captains of finance and insurance on the shiny upper floors of Alexander Forbes in Sandton was not supposed to be there.

Better education for offenders

  20 June -   
Better rehabilitation is needed for young offenders to improve literacy and make them employable, the correctional services commissioner said today (June 20).
Principal Zolisa Magaqa displays award (pic courtesy the Dispatch)  

Mthatha school tops at maths

  16 June -   
A Mthatha high school has again scooped a national award as the top performing mathematics and science school in the Eastern Cape.