Multi-faith conference (pic courtesy Franz Josef Rupprecht/EAA)  

Faith leaders warned on statements about HIV and AIDS

  22 July -   
Faith leaders can play a key role in the fight against the HIV pandemic if their public statements help combat stigma and discrimination, a meeting of faith groups in Vienna in advance of the 18th International AIDS Conference has heard. 


Pentecostal pastor is new Nigeria Christian Association president

  20 July -   
For the first time in 34 years, the Christian Association of Nigeria has elected a Pentecostal pastor as its president and he has vowed to fight corruption and religious intolerance. 


Church missions institute proposes possibility of WYD in Africa

  16 July -   
Following the success of the first World Cup in Africa, an internationally-active Catholic missions organization is imagining the possibility of the continent breaking new ground by hosting some major Catholic events.

Blog: Feel it. It is here.

  7 July -   
It has been incredible being in South Africa as we host the soccer. Feel it, it is here! is the official slogan that we hear repeated on our TVs during every game. And it has been a great feeling!

S. African president 'patches' breach with national church grouping

  29 June -   
South African President Jacob Zuma appears to have patched up a quarrel with the South African Council of Churches, a key body in the struggle against apartheid. 

 The council was offended in 2009 when Zuma failed to consult it about the creation of the National Interfaith Leadership Council, and did not include it in the new body.
Prof. William Gumede (pic. courtesy of Diakonia)  

The Church has Struggle Credentials -- Gumede

  10 June -   
The church has struggle credentials and so has the legitimacy and authority to hold political leaders accountable. This was said by William Gumede, Honorary Professor at University of the Witwatersrand, at Diakonia Council of Churches' Annual Meeting on 25 May.
Bishop Geevarghese Mor Coorilos (pic courtesy of WCC)  

Evangelization and social justice belong together, says WCC representative

  5 June -   
The need to keep together evangelism and the quest for social justice was highlighted by a representative of an ecumenical mission body speaking at an international church conference in Edinburgh on 3 June.

Concern for the poor in a rich society

  16 May -   
How Christians living in a rich society deal with the concern for the poor was one of the subjects discussed by participants at a German church convention (Kirchentag) celebrated in Munich, from 12-16 May. Churches in Germany and Europe are “integrated into the society, and thus are also part of the international market system”, said Praeses Dr Nikolaus Schneider, chairperson of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

Opinion: Prosperity Gospel—a message for the poor?

  4 May -   
The After-8 Debate on SAFM this morning (4 May 2010) featured a discussion on prosperity gospel and whether the church has lost its moral compass and is failing in its mission to help the poor. The majority of callers and panelists, which included Rev. Frank Chikane, agreed that prosperity gospel is preying on the poor for its own enrichment. There certainly are churches that preach a stark gospel of enrichment while enriching themselves. I do not mean to defend this practice.
SACBC poster about a mass to bring awareness of human trafficking  

Celebration of Mass to end Human Trafficking

  21 April -   
A Few weeks before the 2010 Football World Cup, the Catholic Bishops and Priests of Southern Africa will celebrate a special Holy Mass as “a counter-witness to the scourge of human trafficking”. This event will take place on Saturday, 8 May, 10 am at the Christian Brothers’ College (Pretoria East), and will be presided over by Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, Archbishop of Durban. All who can, and especially from the Gauteng region, are invited to join in this celebration “so that together we pray for an end to this scourge and for the protection of our children during the World Cup”.