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Venturing into Advent

Advent, derived from the Latin adventus or “coming”, sounds like an ancient word. It is. The festival of Advent observed in the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Anabaptist traditions takes place through the four Sundays prior to Christmas day, and has been part of liturgical ways of worshipping Jesus Christ for more than a millennium.

Doing Home Economics With God

In the last weeks we have been shocked by how many people can lose their homes in one month with news coverage about flooding in Pakistan and mudslides in China. I have realised all over again what a privilege it is to own a home. A home is one of the most basic human needs, which is why most languages have many idioms about homeliness. Make yourself at home. Home is where the heart is. Home sweet home.

Let the Children See the Stars

For me July began in Mphophomeni with a week of holiday club mornings for 100 children from child headed households, and ended on an evening at a remote hilltop in the KZN Midlands, stargazing with my son and a dozen other children and parents. The week with the orphans was part of A Rocha South Africa’s environmental education for children at risk. It was the first time since working with Bolivian children as a volunteer in 1985 that I have spent quality time with young orphans.

New Creation, Memory and Restorative Justice

The last day of June, and almost undetected in the distraction of the World Cup, the Mail and Guardian reported a “Wild West” style mining deal by Imperial Crown Trading, a company linked to Jacob Zuma, which secured a Sishen coal mine acquisition worth R20 billion in assets and a niche in the iron ore supply chain of South Africa’s globally competitive steel industry.

A Time to Mourn

The last day of May 2010 and I am in Cape Town as a guest of the Anglican Diocese here. I flew in last week from Durban’s sparkling King Shaka International with its soaring glass atria and arrived at the brand-new-out-of-the-box Cape Town International, two of many new landmarks which remind us that South African tax payers have paid R33 billion so far, to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Faith That Gets Under the Skin

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