Our Stories of Anabaptism

The history of our Anabaptism is filled with epic stories of people who retained the courage of their convictions, even at great personal cost. We feature some of those stories here, that you may be strengthened and encouraged in your own witness.

Conrad Grebel Conrad Grebel
(c. 1498 – 1526). A co-founder of the Swiss Brethren movement and is often called the 'Father of Anabaptists'.
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Michael Sattler Michael Sattler
1490 - 1527. A monk who left the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation to become one of the early leaders of the Anabaptist movement. He was particularly influential for his role in developing the Schleitheim Confession.
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Menno Simons Menno Simons
(c. 1496 – 1561). An Anabaptist religious leader from Friesland (today, a province of The Netherlands). Simons was a contemporary of the Protestant Reformers and his followers became known as Mennonites.
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Dirk Willems woodcut from the Martyrs' Mirror Dirk Willems
(? - 1569). A martyred Anabaptist who is most famous for, after his escape from prison, turning around to rescue his pursuer, who had fallen through thin ice while chasing him.
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Kasai Kapata Kasai Kapata
(Congo, 1964) What do you say to people who bury you up to your neck for three days? How do you live out Jesus' command to 'love your enemies'? Kasai Kapata is an African Anabaptist leader whose faith was tested severely.
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