The Gospel of Reconciliation and Christ's Way of Peace

At the heart of God’s intention for the world is the message of reconciliation: "In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us" (2 Corinthians 5:19). Reconciliation, peacemaking (Matthew 5:9), and promotion of justice (Amos 5:24) are God’s passion and God’s call to those who would follow Jesus.

Anabaptist churches have held to pacifism and active peacemaking in repeated statements, including the 1993 statement, A Commitment to Christ’s Way of Peace.

Many Anabaptist organizations have worked at peacemaking. Mennonites in particular have contributed to building peace in South Africa during the "struggle years" and now in the new South Africa. Robert Herr and Judy Zimmerman Herr have written about "Building Peace in South Africa: A Case Study of Mennonite Program" in From the Ground Up, by Cynthia Sampson and John Paul Lederach (Oxford, 2000).

The Regional Peace Network (RPN) is sponsored by Mennonite Central Committee in Southern Africa. RPN newsletters are available at

Other South African Faith-based Organizations involved in peace-building activities include:

Christians for Peace in Africa seeks "to promote the public education of the Culture of Peace in AFrica through the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace." Contact Rev Thomas-Rene Kitutu, President and CEO, at;

Cornerstone Christian College teaches Reconciliation and Peace Making. Contact Prof. Marius Brand at; +27-21-761-0241(t)

Restorative Justice Centre  promotes peacebuilding through restorative justice and conflict transformation processes. Contact Mike Batley, Executive Director, at; +27-12-323-2926 (t)

St Augustine College of South Africa has faculty who are working on peace studies, peace-building and reconciliation ministries. Contact Nicholas Rowe, PhD, Head, School of Humanities and Education, at; +27-11-782-4616(t); +27-86-688-1519 (f)