Beyond innocence

I think we would all agree that Barry and Molly have two of the most adorable twin grand-daughters, Chloe and Zara. A sheer joy to the family, they were also a delight to the rest of us who had passing glimpses of their curly locks and smiling faces. That lively image has stayed with me the whole week since last Thursday when I met them for the first time and, if I may say, I think they took a fancy to my beard. But another image has also been with me, the faces of two brothers who, so it is alleged with good reason, killed and maimed so many people at the end of the Boston marathon.

Am I a Racist?

The article started appearing on my timeline last night sometime. I use facebook’s subscription options generously, which helps me to see that which I actually want to see. This allow me to bypass most of the blatant racist rhetoric on news24 comment sections.

Forget and Forgive? Towards two Decades of healing scars

Bad news, we can’t forget but the good news is that we can forgive.

One of the common questions asked is how one can forgive yet remember or whether it is possible for one to forget in order to forgive. At this point my answer will be NO and NEVER.

Prophetic Diakonia in action: Speaking truth to power

(pic courtesy Diakonia)
The church has the power that equips it with fearlessness to confront and speak truth to the powers of this world.

Written by Kudzai Taruona

The church has the power that equips it with fearlessness to confront and speak truth to the powers of this world.

This was said by the Revd Mautji Pataki, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches at Diakonia’s Annual Meeting on 22 June 2011, under the theme Prophetic diakonia in action: speaking truth to power.

Power Relations

“God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.” (I Corinthians 1:18-25; Matthew 21:1-9)

Christmas again, for the First Time

One of the many blessings of living in a foreign land is the opportunity to encounter new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, and ideas. Without question, over the past years I have been incredibly fortunate in this regard. An additional blessing – one that is too often overlooked, includes the various occasions when previously held notions are challenged and forced to be reconsidered.

Opinion: Prosperity Gospel—a message for the poor?

The After-8 Debate on SAFM this morning (4 May 2010) featured a discussion on prosperity gospel and whether the church has lost its moral compass and is failing in its mission to help the poor. The majority of callers and panelists, which included Rev. Frank Chikane, agreed that prosperity gospel is preying on the poor for its own enrichment. There certainly are churches that preach a stark gospel of enrichment while enriching themselves. I do not mean to defend this practice.

Written by Anna Sawatzky

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