The Anabaptist Global Community

Although the Anabaptist community is relatively small, it is a global one. The Anabaptist Network in South Africa seeks not only to connect ANiSA Pilgrims with one another in South Africa but also to find ways of connecting South African Anabaptists with the broader Anabaptist family around the world. These opportunities to connect provide mutually transforming relationships as one learns about, experiences, and walks with other brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing equally challenging circumstances in witnessing God’s shalom from across the street to around the world.

There are several opportunities to connect with the global Anabaptist community. Some of them are:

Radical Journey  

Radical Journey is a one-year formational experience in cross-cultural learning and service for young adults who desire to watch for where God is at work and imagine ways to join in. ANiSA works in partnership with Mennonite Mission Network in hosting young adults in South Africa who work and serve alongside churches, Non-Governmental Organizations, and a variety of other ministries. For more information about Radical Journey go to For more information about the Radical Journey experience in South Africa contact Andrew Suderman.


Serving and Learning Together (SALT) is  an 11 month cross-cultural service experience for Christian young adults from the United States and Canada serving through Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Participants live with local host families, serving in a variety of assignments with partners in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and Central America and the Middle East. . Go to for details. For information on where to apply, go to

Life Shaper South Africa  

Students from different Anabaptist related schools can experience a rare opportunity to encounter a people in the middle of reconciliation with their country’s past. Students can come to South Africa and serve as a pastoral intern in church settings, gaining experience and learning about different church expressions, from mainline to charismatic/independent. Students may also work as an intern for a non-profit organization engaged in peace building, community development, social work, and more. For more information contact Andrew Suderman.


The International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP), a program of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), is an 11 month vocational and cultural exchange program that connects international young adults with host families and volunteer placements in Canada and U.S. For more information go to to stating your country of origin and you will be sent the needed contact information.


The Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network is a joint program between Mennonite World Conference and MCC where emphasis is placed on expanding the fellowship between churches in the Anabaptist tradition and developing young leaders around the globe. For more information go to and write to our MCC staff at


Other Anabaptist Bodies around the Globe: 

Mennonite World Conference

Mennonite World Conference exists to (1) be a global community of faith in the Anabaptist-tradition, (2) facilitate community between Anabaptist-related churches worldwide, and (3) relate to other Christian world communions and organizations.

Mennonite Central Committee

Mennonite Central Committee seeks to demonstrate God's love by working among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster. MCC serves as a channel for interchange by building mutually transformative relationships. MCC strives for peace, justice and the dignity of all people by sharing our experiences, resources and faith in Jesus Christ.

The Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand

The Anabaptist Association links people in Australia and New Zealand who share a passion for Jesus, community and reconciliation. The network finds inspiration from the life of Jesus, the earliest church and the convictions of the first Anabaptist communities... to be peacemakers and people who dream about and work for a more compassionate world. Anabaptism today is not about starting a new religion or denomination but brings fresh perspectives on issues that matter and inspires people to go further and deeper in ways that make a difference.

The Anabaptist Network in the UK

The Anabaptist Network is a loose-knit network of individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland interested in the insights of the Anabaptist tradition.

Korean Anabaptist Center -- English Website

The Korea Anabaptist Center works with individuals, groups and churches to actively participate in the mission of God by cultivating biblical discipleship, peace and Christian community and by developing and providing resources, education, training and relationships in the Anabaptist/Mennonite faith tradition.