About ANiSA

Who we are:

The Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA) is a network of people, churches, and organizations who together explore and embrace a radical faith in Jesus Christ and lifestyle that is nourished by the example found within the Anabaptist movement. In wanting to be authentically rooted in Christ’s peace and justice for all people we are grounded by the following commitments: Christ-centeredness, ubuntu, reflective servanthood, peacemaking, and simplicity.

Our Vision:

In wanting to embody a radical lifestyle centered around God’s reconciling vision for the world and from drawing on the collective wisdom found within the Anabaptist movement, ANiSA walks with, supports, and nurtures communities of peace, justice, and reconciliation.

ANiSA seeks to encourage and support this desire by:

  • Connecting 
  • Resourcing
  • Sharing Information
  • Creating Spaces for dialogue

ANiSA is supported by Mennonite Church Canada Witness, Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission, Mennonite Central Committee, and Mennonite Mission Network.

Our Faith

Anabaptism is a biblical, Christian-faith movement that embraces the life, teachings, and witness of Jesus Christ and strives to embody these as normative in the everyday Christian walk.  more >>

What is an 'Anabaptist'?

'Anabaptist' means 're-baptizer'. It is the name given to members of a Christian reformation movement in the 16th century by their opponents. The Anabaptist movement was characterised by adult baptism, in contrast to the general practice of baptising infants. more >>

A Global Faith Community

Maintaining our witness in local communities can be daunting and isolating. We may forget that four, six, or even twelve time zones away, Christian brothers and sisters are facing equally challenging circumstances as they witness for peace, practice Christlike living, etc. In order to remind ourselves that we are not alone and that our community is a global community founded in the witness of Christ, we have put together this page of global Anabaptist communities, organizations, and resources. more >>

Our Contact Information

To contact us via email, click here

To write us a letter, send it to:
PO Box 100594
Scottsville, 3209,
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

To visit us in person (by appointment), come to:
190 Pine Street
Pietermaritzburg, KZN
South Africa

Get Involved

There are always opportunities to get involved. Perhaps the most important question is: what are you willing to contribute? more >>